Do you Supply your Own Music & Equipment ?
A. Yes, ( Indoors Only )
I supply my own Speaker System
I also supply age related music.
If you would like to supply your own favourite songs,
I can play them via:- SD Card, USB or Bluetooth.

Can you Perform at our House ?
A. Yes,
I can do my shows in any venue from a :- Nursery,
Classroom, Living Room, Club, Church Hall to a Garden.


Do you Perform at Fetes & Fun Days ?
A. Yes,


Do you do End of Term Parties ?
A. Yes,

Do you Entertain at Christenings ?
A. Yes


Do you do Balloon Modelling on it's own ?
A. Yes

Do you have "Free" invites for us to print out ?
A. Yes

How do I Book & Pay for a Party ?
Just contact me to see if the date is available
Then pay cash on the day

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