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Are you available 7 Days a Week ?

A. Yes


Do you have an Enhanced DBS ?

A. Yes
Updated July 2018


Are you Special Needs Friendly ?

A. Yes
I am well known in most
of the local Schools.

What age is your entertainment suitable for ?

A. Up to 8's
The Puppets are for the Little Ones.

The Silly Magic Show
Is suited to 6 Years and Under.

The Older Children Can Choose
What they want
on the day.
Some might want a Mini Disco
With Games
& Balloon Modelling.

cOthers might want Everything.
cIt's entirely up to them.
I carry everything on me
Just in case !


What entertainment do you supply ?

A. I Supply :-

Music Fun & Games - (
Including Prizes )
Party Dances (
With Prizes )
Comedy Magic Show - (
It's Just Plain Silly )
Circus Skills - (
Plate Spinning & Juggling Etc. )
Balloon Modelling - (
Dogs, Hats & Swords Etc. )
Puppets - (
Walkabout Fun for the Little Ones )


What will you do at my Party ?

A. It depends on how long you book,

Two Hour Party
I can fit all the Activities above into two hours,
Including background music while the children eat.

The two hour show is made up of
Two 45 Minute Spots.
Leaving time for the food.
And the Happy Birthday Song in the Middle
( Food Supplied by Yourselfc)


One Hour Party
The One Hour Show runs straight through.
( W
ithout a Break ).
I fit in as many activities as possible,

Then sing the "Happy Birthday Song"
Before leaving.


What if I don't want an Activity ?

A. No problem,
Just say at the start of the show.

I always ask the older children,
what they want at the start
So as not to embarrace them.


Do you Supply your own Music & Lights ?

A. Yes
I have Disco Lights and Speakers
With age appropriate music.
I can also play songs
from your own phone,
Via Bluetooth.


Can you perform at our House ?

A. Yes
I also do Garden Parties,
eather permitting.


Do you do Schools, Nurseries & Playgroups ?

A. Yes
I also do Brownies and Rainbows Etc.


Do you entertain at Christenings ?

A. Yes
You have the choice of an hour
An hour and half straight through,
Or two hours with a break in the middle.


Do you have " Free Party Invites "
for us to print out ?

A. Yes
Just ask and I will email them to you.


What are your Prices ?

How do I Book & Pay for a Party ?

Just contact me to see if the date is available.
Then you have the option to pay via
Bank Tranfer or Cash on the day









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